Board & Management

RI's board

RI's Bord consists of three members with no deputies.

Ulf Ekenman

Born 1947.
Ulf Ekenman is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive experience in Real Estate and Constructions. For the last 25 years Ulf has been investing in Real Estate with great success. Ulf started his career as an Executive in Pronator AB. Being successful in Real Estate and Construction he founded his own company in late -80’s – Ekenman Fastighet AB, with success he than began is journey to build several companies in the sector. He has been a continuous investor in Radio Innovation since its inception.

Dennis Bohm

Born 1955.
Dennis Bohm is savvy and serial entrepreneur with great international expertise. Dennis started his career in Skandia AB as a very successful sales manager. He started his entrepreneurial journey in the insurance industry with a successful exit. In the late 90’s he went on to become CEO and President for ISS Skade Service AB. Today Dennis own and runs several companies and has been active doing business in Africa for many years. In 2011 he was named entrepreneur of the year and he studied statistics, national economics from University of Linköping and insurans law at Scandia Business School in Stockholm.

Kristian Johnson

Born 1972.
Kristian Johnson joined the Board in 2012. He represents the family of the founder and has been in the company since its inception. Kristian has a vast and deep knowledge in IT and Telecom. Kristian hold a Business and Management degree from IHM.

Management of RI

Henrik Olesen

Born 1955.
Henrik is the CEO of RI since September 2016. He has been with Radio Innovation since 2011 and has seen the company grow from seed to commercial expansion. Henrik holds a MSc (1978) from the faculty of Engineering a the Lund University (Sweden) and an MBA (1984) from INSEAD. From the start of his professional career he has been linked with the telecommunications industry. Henrik was with Ericsson Radio for 13 years where he worked with sales in various positions including three years in Canada. From 1997-2008 he was Executive Vice President Radio Design and with startups in the Communications sector. Since 2010 he has been the CEO iCommunication AB, a consultancy company. Moreover, he is the member of the Board of Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

Lisa Wrangenberg

Born 1979.
CFO of the company as of August 2018. She has a genuine background with change management and financial control in project- and line management functions from large and medium sized companies. Spent several years in Africa working for Government agencies and private companies. She holds a MSc in International Economics and Business from Stockholm School of Economics.

Dusyant Patel

Born 1963.
Dusyant has been the Chief Commercial Officer of Radio Innovation since 2017. He holds B.Sc. in Economics and Marketing from the Mid Sweden University (1988), MBA (1990) from the National University, San Diego (USA), and post graduate studies from Columbia Business School (USA) and London School of Economics and Political Science. Dusyant has an extensive background with Start-up and entrepreneurship. Have done 2 IPO’s and several in investment as Private Angel within the Telco space, he recently joined as head of TeliaSonera newly formed innovation unit - Purple+. Previous to his entrepreneurship adventure he held several key executive positions with Ericsson Group and Sony Ericsson. From 2013-2015 he was responsible for supporting and serving as interim CEO for various media groups from Germany, Sweden, UK and India. Moreover Dusyant holds various leading, executive positions (board member) at several Swedish based start-ups.

Mats Rosenberg

Born 1966.
Mats is a business leader with broad international business experience. He has extensive background in telecommunication with specialty in 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond the technologies. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics from The Institute of Technology at the Linköping University, Sweden (1992). He started his professional career in 1995 at Ericsson AB where he worked for 20 years holding various executive positions – manager LTE Sales Support, manager 3G Product Management, Manager Radio Sales Support for North America West and Central Europe as well as team leader. In 2015 Mats founded AddHead AB, a management consulting company helping small and medium-sized firms with specific business needs. He has extensive knowledge in Sales, Marketing, Product development, Project Management and Bid management for complex telecom and infrastructure offers.

Rudi Omholt

Born 1948.
Rudi is responsible for Strategic Procurement at Radio Innovation. His telecom experience includes 27 years at Ericsson in various executive function for mobile system, 4 years at Huawei and additional 4 years at Radio Innovation. He was the Business Unit Head of Global accounts for Africa, Middle East and Europe. He was managing director for Magnetic AB, head for wide area paging systems and satellites systems for GSM handheld dual mode phones. Rudi holds a M.Sc. from the Royal Institute of Technology and studied Economics from the University of Stockholm.